Helping you love your legs again

Experiencing pain going up and down steps, walking long distances, or standing for long periods of time because of varicose veins? Unhappy with how your legs appear in shorts and skirts because of spider veins?

varicose-veins-before-and-afterDiagnosing venous disease 

Anyone can develop varicose veins. If left untreated, you might experience symptoms including pain, swelling, heaviness, and restlessness in your legs that can lead to other complications, such as blood clots and skin ulcerations.

Tailor-made treatment options

Logansport Memorial Hospital's highly-skilled, board-certified general surgeons are here to help. They combine clinical expertise with the latest techniques to return your legs to a healthy and more youthful-looking state.

“I want to thank Logansport Memorial Hospital for performing surgery on four different veins in my legs. The doctors helped make my life more productive again.”—SHERRY K. ADAIR